Improve the Function, Durabilty and Appearance of Medical Instruments and Devices

Our Biocompatible Coatings Prevent Discoloration, Wear and Improve the Performance of Your Equipment. 

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    Since 1992, the Industry Leader in Biocompatible Chromium Coatings


    The ME-92® and ALCOAT® Coatings are biocompatible, pure-metallic chromium coating designed to improve the function and appearance of medical instruments and devices. The coating is completely inert, non-magnetic , USP Class VI, Tripartite/ISO and Anti-Microbial.

    The ME-92 Operations coating technology is a proprietary process that electrolytically applies a precise, pure metallic, zero valence chromium coating to the device without altering the integrity of the base material. Processed at a 30,000 sf facility in Providence, Rhode Island in a clean, latex-free environment. ME-92® and ALCOAT® are licensed products and processes developed and managed by The Armoloy Corporation laboratories.


    • Arrests corrosion from sterilization and laser marking while maintaining new appearance
    • Increases wear resistance
    • Maintains cutting edges
    • Provides a hard, scratch resistant, nonstick, easy clean surface
    • Increases surface hardness
    • Eliminates galling, fretting, spalling
    • Ability to remove and reapply
    • Arrests metallic debris and particulate matter
    • Provides smooth sliding surfaces
    • Reduces high intensity light reflection/refraction and glare
    • Provides long lasting, clean, pristine new appearance
    • Chemical resistant
    • Hydrophobic



    ME-92 Operations was the first chrome coating company to perform and pass the Tripartite Guidelines testing for biocompatibility. The current standard is ISO 10993 and ME-92’s Coatings have also successfully passed the requirements for biocompatibility to this standard.

    Anti-Microbial Technology Research concluded that the ME-92® and ALCOAT® Coatings:

    • Reduced bacterial adherence
    • Facilitated easier cleaning and decontamination
    • Maintained the surface integrity after repeated sterilization cycles



    The ME-92® coating is bonded directly to the base material. This unique process enables the coating to adhere absolutely. The ME-92® coating will not chip, flake or peel. The coating is highly ductile and will not separate from the base material even when twisted, flexed or impacted without intermediate layering.



    ME-92® coatings are compatible with the following sterilization procedures:

    • Steam Autoclave
    • STERRAD Sterilization
    • Gamma X Ray
    • Bleach Exposure
    • Boiling
    • Detergent scrubbing
    • STERIS EtO


    Compatible Base Metals:

    The ME-92® coating is an excellent candidate for application to nearly every base metal type, from tool steels such as S-7 and H-13, to bearing steels such as 52100 and 8620, to cold roll, hot roll, high-carbon and low-carbon steels, to cast iron, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and brass. Absolute adhesion to the substrate is guaranteed.

    ALCOAT® for formulated and perfected specifically for application on Aluminum substrates.

    ME-92® Biocompatible Chromium Coating for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Surfaces available in Satin, Non-Reflective and Platinum Finishes.

    ALCOAT® Biocompatible Chromium Coating for Aluminum Surfaces available in Satin, Non-Reflective and Platinum Finishes.